Oh No!  Not Another ‘Sure Fire’ Method Of Trading Options That You’d Be A Fool To Ignore…

Okay, so no-one can deny that we’re in the clutches of one of the most unpredictable financial climates ever seen in history.  And this certainly makes trading the markets somewhat of a challenge.  So when we come acrossOptionsMD Strategy and Mentoring Trading Program products such as OptionsMD that promise to show you simple investment strategies that take less than 20 minutes a day and can help you gain total financial independence, then our internal ‘scam’ radar does tend to start wailing.

However, never let it be said that we ‘dis’ a product without giving it a fair crack of the whip.  Cue an in depth discovery into exactly what it is that makes OptionsMD tick, and if it really is worth spending your hard earned dollars on.

Read on to find out exactly what we unearthed…

What do you get for your money?

So, OptionsMD is all about, errrr, trading options (surprise surprise!).  And it’s claiming that this is a completely different way of trading, and works for both the experienced trader and those who’ve never traded options before in their life!

Now let’s take a look at what you actually get for your money.  This is a training course that provides you with everything you need to know to start trading options immediately.  And this is broken down into a 4 module OptionsMD video coaching program that includes the following:

  • The Millionaire Mindmap:  Here you learn the art and science of what it means to trade options – in other words, this is the foundation from which you grow your trading abilities.  Find out the type of trader you are, how to overcome obstacles and what might hold you back from making serious money.  You learn about trader management and techniques for developing a professional trading plan.
  • Cashflow Framework:  Discover all about Market Flow Analysis, Risk & Trade Management, Income Trades, and countless top-performing money getting strategies.  This includes a simple to follow ‘cheat sheet’ that allows you to truly harness the power of making awesome trades.
  • The Risk Navigator:  Here you learn about the finer points of managing risk, as well as various strategies that allow you to create very consistent streams of income.
  • The Special Forces:  Learn all about moving into the big time – in other words, the biggest, riskiest yet most rewarding strategies of all.
  • 6 x Weekly Live, 1 hr Q&A Webinars:  Where you can discuss material, talk about your progress and go over recent trade setups.
  • Unlimited email support for one year.
Who is it for?

So, OptionsMD is not only a training program for those who’re new to the game, but also for those who’ve got a few months/years or even decades under their belt, but simply aren’t making the kind of returns that they hope to.  And it matters not whether you want to trade for a few minutes a day or want to invest all your working hours into the markets.  Because OptionsMD works for all kinds – young and old, male or female – anyone who wants to take their options trading to another level.

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Who is Doc Severson?

Doc SeversonDoc (don’t you love the name….) is the head trader of the OptionsMD Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program, and he’s dedicated the last few years of his life to perfecting this program.  Several years ago he was becoming frustrated with his trading performance, and not making the consistent returns that he knew were possible.  And it was then that he decided to move into trading options, and discovering just how he could make a safe, consistent profit by creating a system that doesn’t rely on that one ‘big hit’ that only comes around once in a lifetime.

So he set his mind to creating OptionsMD, and after much work, testing and proofing, the results of his satisfied students really do speak for themselves.

The Pros

  • OptionsMD is a simple to understand, easy to follow web-based training course that provides you first with the vital foundation knowledge you need to successfully trade options, and then builds on this to give you a fully rounded education into how to make a consistent income.
  • You get a huge amount of support with the program, from direct email support with Doc Severson himself, and excellent live webinars to discuss real live trades and strategies.
  • Once you’ve covered the course, you honestly can trade options successfully in only 20 minutes or less per day.
  • The strategies you learn in OptionsMD provide you with simple ways in which to identify the trades that are highly likely to lead to success, and then place these trades with confidence.

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The Cons

  • Okay, so no system in the world can ever take away all the risk of trading any kind of market.  But what OptionsMD does is to minimize those risks, and provide you with a trading method that has gains that exceed your losses.

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well, we certainly didn’t expect to get to the end of our journey in the place that we have.  And that’s that OptionsMD really does offer something different from the rest of seemingly similar courses.  And Doc Severson is so damn confident that you’ll truly be amazed by his methods, that not only does he offer a 100%, no quibble, money back guarantee (doesn’t everyone?), but if you’re really not happy and provide him with proof that his methods don’t work, that he’ll also pay you $500 in compensation!

And that’s really putting your money where you mouth is, in our humble opinion.  Doc – you rock!

If you are ready to join, you MUST follow these instructions to make sure you get the latest version plus bonuses:

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Looking for a OptionsMD review of Doc Severson‘s OptionsMD Strategy Trading & Mentoring?  Well  I have put together this OptionsMD review video.  Make sure to check it out.

 OptionsMD Review


buy optionsMDAs you can see from the video, Doc’s program is legit.  Look at all the things you get when you join!

A Complete and Interactive Online Mentoring Program Complete with Over 27 Video Training Sessions, PDF Guides, Cheat Sheets, Worksheets, Examples and More – Including:

  • The Millionaire Mindmap™
  • The Cashflow Framework™
  • The Risk Navigator™
  • The Special Forces™
  • PLUS
  • 6 Live Q&A Webinars
  • Unlimited Email Support with me for 1 Full Year
  • BONUS #1 – Trading a Small Account
  • BONUS #2 – Trading a Bear Market

*MEGA BONUS #3* –Doc’s Daily Trade Updates and Videos, 5 Days a Week for 1 FULL YEAR!

This is a very REAL value of over $22,245 and because you qualify for this OptionsMD early enrollment special, this powerful program is yours for less than the cost of a daily coffee and doughnut for entire year.

Oh, and did you see his INSANE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?!?
This course comes with a 1-year 100% Performance Guarantee PLUS an Additional $500 Additional Cash Back.  If you don’t see results, your money back, PLUS $500!  WOW!

If you are ready to join, you MUST follow these instructions to make sure you get the latest version plus bonuses:

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  2. Buy OptionsMD Program through this link here. >>> Click Here To Get Access

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optionsmd review


Doc Severson OptionsMDStuck behind a cubicle for decades, Doc Severson of OptionsMD is now one of the acknowledged secret weapons at Trading Concepts and its chief options trader and mentor. His present elevated, and lucrative, state did not come to him overnight, however. This interesting man was caught for years in the corporate rat race, and might easily have stayed there, doing his time running around the wheel, if it weren’t for one thing: He realized, in his forties, that this apparently safe way of making a living was actually not safe at all.

Career advancement possibilities were lessening. Opportunities for employment were, too. And Doc was getting increasingly nervous about the whole thing.

Wading Out of the Corporate Muck

Not being one to sit around in a box while the threat of insecurity slowly mushroomed outside it, Doc Severson made up his mind to do whatever he had to do in order to come up with an alternative income, whether it was supplemental or a brand new career. As the rat race became less and less trustworthy, his focus turned more and more toward the fascinating universe of the stock market.

He had experienced a good run in the market during the late 1990s, but since that time, luck seemed to just pass him by. The market stopped playing nice, and he lost interest for several years. Did he quit, in order to pursue other money-making avenues?

Learning the Options Trading Game

Doc is one of those guys for whom “Persistence” would be an appropriate middle name. He went to seminar after seminar on the stock market, surrounding himself with traders who could point to vast success and teach him something he didn’t already know. Options trading became his quest, and he went after it with the mind of a scientist and the eye of the tiger… not the rat.

After about a year and a half of intensive study, working four to six hours every single evening after working for The Man all day, Doc Severson came up for air and looked around with newly-opened eyes. He was convinced his preparation was sound enough to enable him to quit his corporate job and manifest his own financial universe.

Doc Severson: Golden Child

It was at this point in his life that Doc created a full-time trading empire and shattered the glass ceiling. This systematic, persistent, brilliant man became his mentors’ golden child, and was increasingly asked to teach other professional traders the tricks of the options trade. He became a teacher’s teacher and a trader’s trader, one of those in the know inside a quiet world of knowledgeable financial movers and shakers.

OptionsMD Strategy Trading and Mentoring Program

These days, his renown is growing, making it impossible for him to stay underground. He teamed up with Trading Concept’s veteran trader Todd Mitchell and the two shared their unique methods and strategies. A new path opened up, and Doc did not hesitate to take it.

Today, Doc Severson is one of the co-creators of the much-applauded mentoring program known as OptionsMD Strategy Trading. He not only found a way out of the maze, but is in the process of setting others free! What a great life, and what a great example Doc Severson has come to be!

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OptionsMD TradingOptions Trading, for a beginner, can be a source of income or a source of frustration. It all depends, say the experts, on how you approach it.  All this plus much more advanced tricks will be unveiled in Doc Severson’s Options MD Strategy Trading and Mentoring program.

First of all, what exactly is an “option,” in the world of finance? An option represents a contract, or agreement, between two parties for the right to acquire an asset or a transaction in the future at a certain price, known as “the strike.” The person who buys the option may decide to carry out the agreed-upon transaction, but is not obligated to do so. The party in the agreement who is the seller, however, is required to fulfill the option transaction, should the buyer decide to go ahead with it.

Here are some tips for beginners on options trading. Whether you’re just getting your toes wet or splashing around in the deep end, it never hurts to go back to the basics.

Four Options Trading Tips for Beginners

Tip #1: Resign Yourself to The Baby Steps

Most people with any success under their money belts in options trading have spent time and money attending various seminars and really working on honing their craft. It starts, as with most such endeavors, with baby steps. Never mind how talented or intelligent you are, or what gifted psychic abilities you possess. You still have to study. Why bother putting in all that effort, you say, if it’s all speculation in the end? Because, according the options trading gurus, this particular approach to the stock market makes it possible—and easy—to realize profits, no matter how weird the stock market is acting! So resign yourself and study, in order to reap a lifetime of rewards.

Tip #2: Learn Your Vocabulary

Just as with any other new endeavor, you’re going to need a new vocabulary to play with the members of the club. You won’t know what you’re buying if it’s a $15 value call, for example, when you have no clue what a “call” is in option trading. There are lots of different kinds of options and many new words to learn. And there is a long list of related terminology you must slog through, likewise. So learn you must. That’s what the big boys did, and that’s how they got in the club.

Tip #3: Take a Professional Approach

You’ll work up to a level of professionalism if you keep at it while studying and applying what you’ve learned to your options trading. No professional gets to that level overnight, and neither will you. But by keeping your highest goal in mind every step of the way, you’ll be more likely to join the ranks of the pros much quicker. Almost always, success will take time, but even more important than the time you put in is your attitude.  So dedicate yourself to using a consistently professional approach. And make the choice early to commit to that, without deviation.

Tip #4: Keep Revisiting Your Mentor

When you find an options mentor program that works for you, such as Doc Severson’s OptionsMD Mentoring Program, consider it the font of wisdom you can, and should, keep revisiting. After all, nothing is more quixotic than stocks, where everything can change at a glance. So if it works—keep coming back!

Options trading, while it’s not for everyone, can be one of the most continuously rewarding methods of working with, rather than against, the stock market.  To get a further education on options make sure to grab Doc Severson’s OptionsMD program.



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